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Services Overview:

Marketing Strategy & Consultation, Endorsement & Partnership Acquisitions, Graphic Design.


Vape-or-Smoke was a brand new product, and ‘needed help getting it out there…’ They needed help creating a stronger, more credible brand identity through planned product placement and strategic partnerships that would lend to greater brand visibility and trusted name recognition.


We began with Vape-or-Smoke proactively seeding product and demonstrations to tastemakers and celebrities in music, action sports, and entertainment industries in order to create the trusted name recognition they were in need of, as well as start to build their sponsored team of artists and athletes.  Through these partnerships we were able to create a number of cooperative cross promotional opportunties, as well as integrations into a number of live music and lifestyle events.


Working these various avenues, Vape-or-Smoke was paired with musical acts such as Cypress Hill, Slightly Stoopid, Hieroglyphics, Rebelution, System of a Down, and more, as well as brands and events such as High Times Magazine, Cypress Hill’s Smokeout Festival, Champs, AGE, GotVape, and more.  Through these various partnerships, promotions, and integrations Vape-or-Smoke saw increased sales, and tremendous online growth.

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