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Silverback Artist Management

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Services Overview:

Artist Management, Label Management, Campaign Management, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Media Planning & Buying, Sponsorship & Endorsement Acquisitions, Street Team Management.


Like any fast growing independent company, your brand and marketing needs are diverse and your budgets are tight. Silverback needed a diverse set of services that would help attract more fans, as well as cooperative partnerships and promotions to bring more visibility, credibility, and ultimately income, without breaking the bank.

With Silverback Management and their record label Controlled Substance Sound Labs, Realized provided Silverback with a number of services in order to fulfill this diverse set of needs from 2007-2011.  These services included artist management for Fishbone, campaign and label management over album release marketing strategies, design work for marketing and promotional materials, print and online media planning and buying for tours and album releases, design of sponsorship materials and media kits, solicitation, negotiation, and procurement of event sponsorships and artist endorsements, and management of street team and online promotions.


Through multiple years of working with Silverback, we crafted and created numerous campaigns, partnerships, and promotions tailored custom to the particular circumstances of individual campaign needs, generally centered around record releases, tours & events, and online promotions.


Through Realized, Silverback saw partnerships with brands like Guitar Center, Mesa Boogie, Remo, and others in the musical spectrum.  As well as many lifestyle and retail brands like Wahoo’s Fish Tacos, SXSW, Graffix, Dickies, Dos Equies, Chameleon Glass, High Times, Skullcandy, Jagermeister & Seedless to name a few.  We also managed several marketing campaigns for various tours and album releases leading to increased album and ticket sales, fans, and press, showing positive growth each year.

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