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Russian Brilliants

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Services Overview:

Online Marketing & Brand Strategy, Consultation, Graphic Design, Web Admin.


Russian Brilliants was looking to revitalize their brand and design appeal to be more current with today’s styles, they felt their advertising designs had become stale and outdated, and were in need of a new aesthetic.  They were losing their market share amongst their competitors, and needed this update to appeal to more current trends, without deviating too far away from their core demographic. They needed to attract new business, highlight different services, and overcome misconceptions about synthetic diamonds.


With Russian Brilliants, we started with the most immediate need; to keep current with on going sales and promotions for their web banners & email campaigns.

First and foremost, new web banners and email templates had to be created on a continual basis for sales and promotions that reflected this more current appeal they were going for in order to reconnect with their core group of customers.  Next was the targeted web ads.  For this we conceptualize several sub slogans within the “Click & Compare” call to action.  All statements focusing on the challenges of overcoming the misconceptions they were facing, challenging those notions, and thereby attracting new customers.


In progress, TBD…


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