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Oxford Road

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Services Overview:

Business Development, Account Management, Consultation.


A new advertising agency, Oxford Road was looking to expand it’s reach into the burgeoning Youtube market.

Oxford Road needed a team with qualified marketing experience to research, develop, and acquire new content properties for it’s advertising clients.  Realized happened to have just that…


The initial strategy with Oxford Road was simple -market research: hunt, gather, and report back.. Oxford Road needed a clearer picture of market reach, value, and saturation of content creators and networks. Once Oxford Road was able to gain greater insight into the availability of potentially meaningful curators for their advertisers Realized’s account management team moved in to get quotes and negotiate rates.


With this clearer picture, Oxford Road was able to evaluate and better gauge appropriate marketing strategies and spends for their advertising clients.

Realized’s biz dev team delivered Oxford Road detailed market analysis reports with channel analytics, rates, and contact database of all major Youtube networks across all major content categories.

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