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Services Overview:

Web Consultation, Design, Admin, & Social Media Management.


A private golf club with rich history and esteemed reputation, Lochmoor Club found themselves in a situation that many heritage businesses find themselves in these days with the rapidly changing and shifting online/technological landscape.  They had a few key, and somewhat unique sets of needs for their website;

1. They recognized the need for a sleeker, more visual web presence that better highlighted their services and amenities. They needed to entice and attract the new, younger, more technologically savvy business professionals that are their next generation of members.

2. They were in need of a private/membership side to their website that better streamlined and created ease of communication between members and club, functioning more like a private, social community.

Specifics elements; event management & online reservations system, online statement integration, ala carte dinning reservations, multiple, unique image galleries, a more image centric website that highlights their fine amenities.


In order to achieve this diverse set of needs, our design team used the flexible, and reliable WordPress platform integrated with Buddypress to satisfy their needs for the membership side of their site. Through WordPress we were able to achieve all of Lochmoor Club’s required components, and effectively set up and streamline a ramped up social media strategy.


Through the flexibility of WordPress, our design team was able to give Lochmoor Club a custom, user-friendly, responsive website that manages a 800+ member database, incorporates a fully integrated email client, online event management, dining reservations, and a social community where club members can interact and engage with club and other members.

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