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Services Overview:

Marketing Strategy & Consultation, Endorsement & Partnership Acquisitions, Media Planning & Buying, Web & Graphic Design.


Brand recognition, market saturation, and recognized credibility in the industry.

Providing services from 2011-2013, Franticus was a new brand name, with industry heritage. Everyone knew their work, but no one knew them as Franticus.  Formerly Graffix, a legendary name in the industry, the people behind Franticus were the driving production, manufacturer, and creative force behind Graffix resurgence as a quality name in the glass industry. Franticus needed help marketing and promoting their new brand identity.


Launching a new brand, essentially meant starting from scratch. First things first, brand identity; logo and creative direction needed to be established.. Next up, new product photos for print & digital catalog, followed by the creation & design of a new gallery styled website/online catalog.  Once the foundation was laid it was time to dig into the marketing outreach; social media, cooperative cross-branded partnerships, online promotions, and event sponsorships.


Our work with Franticus yielded an 83% annual Facebook growth rate, increased market share, and broader overall brand recognition. Experiential and online promotions included work with bands like Cypress Hill, and Slightly Stoopid, events like Smokeout and Sprng Gathering, and trade shows like AGE, Champs, and High Times Cannibus Cup.


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