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Andy Frasco #Fallfrodown

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Services Overview:

Campaign Management: Graphic Design, Social Media Strategy, Online Marketing & Promotions.


Andy Frasco & the U.N.’s #fallfrodown was a 2 month, 55 date, independent national US Tour.

Andy brought on the Realized team to help market and promote his tour.  He needed, assistance with the creative direction and design of all tour promotional materials, online promotions, social media strategy, and overall media outreach.


The creative direction was simple mathematics… Andy Frasco & the U.N. = Dance Party + Fall Tour + his loyal aptly named Froheads = #fallfrodown. Design direction represented a good ole time with a vintage appeal and plenty of solid, white, dance moves.

Promotional strategies included an online ticket giveaway with Yondaer Mountain String Band’s Harvest Festival, as well as cross branded promotions with Jagermesiter, Silver Surfer Vaporizers, and Mother’s Brewery.


Online #fallfrodown resulted in a 6% increase in overall Facebook growth, as well as a 42% increase in fan engagement online.  On Twitter, Andy experienced a 62% growth rate as well as a 79% activity increase.  In addition to this online growth, Andy saw an increase in press and media engagements giving multiple press & radio interviews, performances, and appearances throughout the tour.  In venue, Andy experienced a 22% increase in ticket sales and show revenue.


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